How to get the Arbitrum airdrop - 2023 Guide

Airdrops are one of the easiest ways to make money with crypto, and the upcoming Arbitrum airdrop could be one of the biggest airdrops in 2023. In this guide I’m going to show you how you can qualify for the Arbitrum airdrop, and potentially earn 4 to 5 figures with only a few minutes of work.

Arbitrum is one of the premier layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum, and many, myself included, are anticipating a rather big airdrop.

But in order to qualify to receive this free money, you need to perform a few tasks, which you’ll learn about in this guide

I’ll cover things like what wallet you need to use, and what platforms you need to interact with so you increase your chances of qualifying for this airdrop.

Now let's get started.

Step 1: Setup a MetaMask wallet and fund it with some ETH

We will assume you have this step covered. If you don't know how, check out my YouTube channel for a full guide

Step 2: Use the official Arbitrum bridge to send ETH from Ethereum to Arbitrum

You can access the bridge with the following link:

This is the first step required to receive money on Arbitrum in order to pay for gas fees for the later tasks. By using the official Arbitrum bridge instead of an exchange, you also may qualify for additional rewards in the airdrop.

Step 3: Go to DeFillama and look for top dapps that are built exclusive for Arbitrum

We will first focus on the projects that are exclusively built for Arbitrum, as these are the most likely candidates to be included in the Arbitrum airdrop snapshot. Arbitrum will want their users to try these exclusive products first.

You will want to interact with each of these dapps in order to make your wallet have the best chance to receive the airdrop.

Here are my picks for the biggest products that are also the easiest to try:


Trade a few dollars on these exchanges and Provide some liquidity, then withdraw the money. Only need to pay gas fees.

Lending borrowing:

Deposit some money to the lending pool, then withdraw it. Only need to pay gas fees.


Deposit some money to the options vault, then withdraw it. Only need to pay gas fees.


Deposit some ETH to mint some VST stablecoin, then pay it back to withdraw your ETH. Only need to pay gas fees

Step 4: Interact with major DeFi giants that are deployed on Arbitrum

These are the biggest DeFi products that you're already familiar with. They are also partnered with Arbitrum and can give you higher chances to qualify for the airdrop. Interact with each of these applications and make sure you are doing so on the Arbitrum network.

Step 5: Join Arbitrum Discord and get all the special roles.

You can access the discord here:

After you join, there are many special roles you can get by interacting with other apps in the ecosystem. Here is the complete list:

Most of these roles only require you to hold 0.001 of some token like LINK, GMX, etc. It should only cost you a couple dollars total to get all of these roles. After completing each task, go to the site and connect your wallet to Discord to get the special roles.

Step 6: Follow the Arbitrum Odyssey

Unlike the previous steps we've mentioned that are speculating on which projects will be included in the Arbitrum airdrop, there is actually an official program called Arbitrum Odyssey that is guaranteed to get you the Airdrop.

This is a marketing initiative that involves 8 week of tasks for users to try projects in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

However this campaign only ran for one week in 2022 but was paused due to a network upgrade. So far participants have only received an NFT but no tokens.

So now we know the clear plan, which is to wait for the Arbitrum Odyssey program to resume in 2023, and complete all the tasks.

When you factor in the effort it took to create the program involving all the top projects in the Arbitrum ecosystem, it's hard to picture Arbitrum going through all that effort just to give users a commemorative NFT.

The first step to enter the Arbitrum Odyssey is to buy the completion NFT for the first week, this is available on OpenSea here, and costs around 20 dollars.

Then you should set alerts for the discord and all the social channels of Arbitrum, to make sure you don't miss the news when Arbitrum Odyssey restarts sometime this year. This is by far the most important step to get the Airdrop, so do not miss it.


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