How to get the Sui Network Airdrop - 2023 Guide

In today’s guide, I’m showing you exactly how to qualify for the Sui airdrop. It will be one of the biggest airdrops in 2023 where you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars—with just an hour's work!

Sui is a new layer 1 blockchain made by the team behind the Diem project, which was Meta’s blockchain initiative.

What really separates Sui apart from most layer 1s starts with the Move programming language, which is highly similar to the language used in Solana, but widely regarded as a developer favorite.

If you’ve heard about the Move language before, that’s because it's also the language used by their direct competitor Aptos.

Also made by the former Meta engineers, Aptos launched in late 2022 with a huge airdrop valued around 2-5 thousand dollars for each participant. This has led many to believe Sui will follow the same route.

Anyways, with Sui’s potential airdrop coming in the near future,, let’s go through all the steps you need to take in order to qualify for this airdrop.

Step 1: Setup a Sui Network Wallet

Since Sui is an original layer-1 blockchain, you'll need to set up a dedicated wallet for it. My favorite pick is the official Sui Wallet.

You can install this browser extension here:

Sui Wallet
A wallet for Sui

Step 2: Request some free tokens on Sui DevNet

In order to interact with dapps, you'll need some tokens first. Go to the Sui wallet extension, open up the menu, then click "Request DevNet SUI Tokens". You don't need a lot, simply having some balance should be enough.

Step 3: Play around with the app

Mysten Labs is the official team behind Sui, and they released a demo app over the 2022 holidays called This was a holiday campaign for people to mint some free NFTs and send them to friends.

Go on the site, connect your wallet, then go to "My Collection" tab and mint your free capys.

Alternatively, you can also buy any capy from the "Market" page.

Feel free to do more on this app such as breeding and trying all the accessories.

Step 4: Join the SUI Discord to request some SUI testnet tokens from the faucet

Now we'll move on to the Sui TestNet instead of DevNet. First, join the official SUI discord here:

Then head over to the #testnet-faucet channel, and type
!faucet <your_sui_address>
to receive some free SUI tokens.

Next, go back to your Sui wallet and change the network to TestNet by going to the settings.

There is a ton of traffic in the discord, so you might need to wait a few minutes before receiving the tokens.

Step 5: Stake some SUI tokens to any validator

On the same Sui wallet extension, click on stake and earn SUI, then choose any validator to stake your testnet SUI tokens.

Step 6: Mint an example NFT

Next, open up your wallet extension again, and go to the "apps" page.

Then click on "Mint an NFT".

After a few seconds, go to the "NFTs" page and you will see the example NFT you just minted.

Step 7: Create your own NFT on Sui Testnet using the demo app

Mysten Labs also released a demo NFT app that we can try.

To create this NFT, First we need to get our image link which will be used to generate our nft. Visit and upload any image.

Copy the image link from the site, then go to:, which is the demo NFT app made by Sui.

On the site input your nft name, description, and enter the image link you copied.

Lastly click on create nft, and that's it. Now you have created your own NFT on Sui.

Step 8: Claim a Sui domain name on TestNet

There are actually 2 domain name service providers on Sui right now. They are and

Both of them claim to be the official partner of Sui, although neither has been confirmed.

Therefore I suggest minting the same name on both to maximize your chances for the airdrop.

Go to both sites and search up any domain name you want. For example I have claimed the VirtualBacon.sui name

Then click activate name to link your wallet address to the name.

Step 9: Follow the Sui token community access program

SUI has a program that rewards tokens to 5 types of contributors:

Developer Grant Program: Provides funds for teams building native, open source apps.
SUI Delegation Program: Delegates SUI tokens to community-run validators in order to help bootstrap their operations.
Ambassador Program: Empowers community members with tools and resources to promote Sui projects and technology and share Sui knowledge with local communities.
University Outreach Program: Taps into the developers of tomorrow in order to unleash the next wave of builders in Sui’s ecosystem.
Educational Program: Rewards those who spend time learning and researching Sui, sharing knowledge with the wider Sui community.

The Amabassador, University Outreach, and Educational programs are not yet released, so these can be good opportunities to get some guaranteed tokens they launch. If you're keen on getting involved, make sure to follow the Sui social media accounts and the announcements on their website here:

SUI Token Community Access Program
Broad sets of Sui builders want and need to own the SUI token to be able to participate in on-chain activity at mainnet launch and beyond. The Sui Foundation is thus designing the Community Access Program to enable Sui community members to access SUI tokens in the early phases of the network’s lifes…


So now you’re ready to qualify for the Sui Airdrop. As you can see, its not a lot of work to make yourself eligible, and you don’t have to put your money on the line with a risky investment.

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