How to get the zkSync airdrop - 2023 Guide

In today's guide, I’ll show you how to qualify for the upcoming zkSync airdrop—which will be one of the biggest drops in 2023. With an hour's work NOW, you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars when the token launches this year.

Airdrops are one of the best ways to earn passive income with crypto because it requires little to no investment upfront. In fact, Airdrops was one of the ways that I covered in my video on how to make over $1000/month in passive income. So if you’re not familiar with what it is, definitely watch this video here:

And now that we’re in sync, let’s get into the zkSync airdrop.

ZkSync is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, and many people are anticipating an upcoming airdrop once their long awaited token finally goes live.

They have one of the biggest treasuries in all of crypto, raising over $450 Million dollars in the bull market. So I personally don't expect them to sell more tokens to raise money. Instead I think they will choose the route of a big airdrop to release the token, in order to attract as many early users as possible.

Now let’s get into what you need to do qualify for the zkSync airdrop.

Step 1: Setup a MetaMask wallet and fund it with some ETH

We will assume you have this step covered. If you don't know how, check out my YouTube channel for a full guide

Step 2: Bridge to zkSync 1.0 Mainnet

The zkSync 1.0 Mainnet is the older version of zkSync that has been running live since 2020. Interacting with it now could still qualify you as an early adopter for the zkSync 2.0 Airdrop, which is what we are looking for.

Connect your MetaMask to the zkSync wallet website, then use the official zkSync bridge to send some Ether from Ethereum mainnet to zkSync 1.0.

Step 3: Mint an NFT and trade on ZigZag exchange

On the same zkSync wallet website, mint an NFT.

Then go to ZigZag exchange, and do a trade with any small amount:

Remember to use the ZigZag exchange on the zkSync 1.0 network, instead of Arbitrum.

Step 4: Get some free tokens from the zkSync 2.0 faucet

Now we are trying the new version of zkSync 2.0, but it is only on testnet so the tokens have no real value

Go to, then request some funds on the faucet page.

Step 5: Try the top applications on zkSync 2.0 testnet

You can find all the live applications on this zkSync 2.0 testnet apps list

Trying all of these will give you the best chance to receive the airdrop. However I would focus on the ones that are the easiest to try and the most established to have high chances of receiving the airdrop.

My picks are:

Step 6: Join the zkSync discord and complete the crew3 tasks to level up

The zkSync discord is here:

Once you're in, connect your wallet, discord, and twitter accounts to the crew3 dashboard of zkSync here:

This is an official campaign dashboard that gives you various tasks to complete in order to level up and receive roles in the zkSync discord. Usually these discord roles are considered when project decide how much airdrop to give to each user, so make sure to use the same wallet that you used to complete the tasks in the previous steps.


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