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What is the RWA Crypto narrative?

Real World Assets (RWAs) are taking the crypto world by storm as they bridge the gap between DeFi and traditional finance (TradFi). By tokenizing assets such as gold, real estate, and intangible assets like bonds or carbon credits, RWAs enable all users to participate in the same open and fair market while enjoying sustainable yields backed by traditional assets.

Recently the Tokenized gold market cap has surpasses $1B.

Tokenized Gold Surpasses $1B in Market Cap as Physical Asset Nears All-Time Price High
This a type of stablecoin pegs its price to gold, while the tokens on the blockchain represent ownership of physical gold managed by the issuer.

S&P Global is also hiring a DeFi director to explore bridging their equities markets with DeFi

S&P Global plans decentralized finance push as it looks for DeFi director
S&P Global’s hiring for the space signals how mainstream interest continues to grow despite cryptocurrencies that have tumbled from their 2021 highs and the myriad bankruptcies that have shattered the sector.

Binance also published a full report detailing their bullish stance on the future of RWA crypto platforms

Real World Assets: The Bridge Between TradFi and DeFi | Binance Research
A deep dive into the world of real world assets. Download the Binance Research report to learn more.

The Defi Edge discusses the growing trend of RWA tokenization and its potential to revolutionize the financial landscape.

DeFi giants like MakerDAO, AAVE, and Synthetix have all ventured into the RWA space, with RWAs contributing over 55% of MakerDAO's revenue.

The leading RWA protocols I'm watching are

  • Centrifuge $CFG
  • Goldfinch $GFI
  • Truefi $TRU
  • Maple Finance $MPL

You can find more risky RWA altcoins from this list, although most of these are pre-product stage and should only be treated as a narrative based position.

zkSync: The Alpha Ecosystem You Can't Miss

zkSync is currently the most promising ecosystem to explore in the crypto world.

As the first zkEVM layer-2 to launch, it allows anyone to create and use applications directly from their MetaMask wallet. Now is the perfect time to get involved, as numerous new projects and tokens will be launching on zkSync in the coming months.

zkSync TVL continues to grow day after day, there is clearly interest from DeFi degen crowd to hunt new gems on the network right now.

$170M in TVL already puts zkSync at the #4 spot in terms of TVL among all L2s.

In comparison, Polygon's zkEVM is seeing very little adoption, with only $3M of TVL.

This is likely attributed to the fact that Polygon already has a mature ecosystem in its POS chain along with the MATIC token. So people are not expecting brand new opportunities and tokens to launch on the Polygon zkEVM.

zkSync is looking like the winner in the zkEVM race at the moment.

Take advantage of this opportunity to discover the next GMX or Radiant Capital on zkSync, much like those who capitalized on early projects on Arbitrum.

What's more, the likelihood of receiving a zkSync airdrop has increased, as the platform has not yet released its token. Mainnet actions, which require real money for gas fees and deter bots and airdrop farmers, are expected to play a significant role in qualifying for the zkSync airdrop.

Don't miss out on this incredible chance to get in on the ground floor of a major project. Start interacting with zkSync today and position yourself at the forefront of this emerging ecosystem.

More Trouble at Binance, even outside the US

Binance.US having trouble finding banking partner in US

Binance.US unable to find bank partners in the United States: Report
Binance.US has been facing challenges in establishing a new bank partner in the United States following the failures of Silvergate and Signature Bank.

Binance loses License in Australia

Binance Australia Derivatives license canceled by securities regulator
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has canceled Binance Australia Derivatives’ license following a targeted review of Binance’s operations in the country.

The war on Binance continues, it does feel like something is about to break soon..

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