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Nov 21
Grayscale: the Crux of Institutional Bitcoin Collapse
Nov 14
FTX Caused Collapse of LUNA and Three Arrows?
Nov 10
FTX is Dead, the sinister truth revealed
Nov 02
Fed Hike Ruins the bottom? Elon+Doge+Twitter, All eyes on Arbitrum, Reddit Avatar NFT's Killer App
Oct 26
Ethereum Bottomed? How to play a new ecosystem like Aptos, zkSync, and Arbitrum?
Oct 17
Bitcoin Bottomed when Accounting for Money Supply? Aptos Autumn is here!
Oct 08
Market holds steady. ZK-Rollup and World Cup Narratives Lead the way for October.
Sep 29
BTC flirting with death as Dominance signals risk-off months ahead. ATOM 2.0, Axelar, Synapse, EOS EVM, SudoSwap