The REAL Way to Achieve Unparalleled Returns in Crypto


Hi everyone, It's VirtualBacon.

One of the biggest mistakes I see beginners make in Crypto, is mistaking where the real profits are with Crypto investing.

If you've been following Crypto for a while, you probably have heard of all the popular buzzwords like DeFi, Liquidity Provider, Yield Farming, Multichain, NFT Minting, Launchpools etc.

However, you might believe these strategies are highly risky and does not generate a lot of profits.

You might only want to stick with "safe and long term" investing, by only touching the established platforms and the most popular coins...

Most people believe this is the profit curve in Crypto:

This cannot be further from the truth. Based on my 5 years of experience investing in Crypto, the real profit curve in Crypto looks something like this..

The real profit curve in Crypto:

Yes there are increased risk as the investment type gets more advanced. However, at least 80% of the real profits in Crypto investing, lie with intermediate to advanced platforms. The high potential for profit vastly outweighs the increased risk, and the curve only drops off when you go for the extreme cases of shitcoins and purely speculative ponzis.

This pattern is also not exclusive to short term strategies. Even if your goal is to find the top 5 Altcoins with the strongest fundamentals, and hold them for 2-3 years, this pattern still applies.

Because the Crypto market is extremely correlated, ALL popular Altcoins will follow the same price trajectory of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Notice how all coins go up and down together in a bull and bear market. The only difference with established Altcoins, is that they fluctuate with larger movements than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If Bitcoin and Ethereum goes up 3X in a bull market, most Altcoins in the top 100 will see similar performance. Some will underperform and only do 2X, while a few outliers will dramatically outperform and do 10X+.

How do you actually identify these strong outliers, while avoiding the poor performers?

Well one thing is certain, and that is to NOT follow social media hype.

You see the main goal of social media channels is to gain views. And in order to maximize this goal, ALL channels will choose the most popular and established coins to cover, which will attract the most community support and have the highest search volume.

This isn't bad, as you end up hearing about the coins that everyone already knows, and they are usually already very big in market cap and listed on all major exchanges.

However, this brings us back to the conundrum of "all cryptos follow the movement of Bitcoin and Ethereum". By focusing on the most talked about projects, the best result you can achieve, is to get a slightly higher return than holding Bitcoin and Ethereum, while also taking on more risk.

You will end up chasing wave after wave of popular coins, and find that all your efforts are wasted due to the market fluctuations. All you are doing is following the overall movements of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the promise of "extra returns" never comes.

To get out of this cycle, You must cross over "The Chasm"

The Chasm of becoming a Crypto Power User

On the left side of the chasm, we have the majority of Crypto investors. They tend to:

  • Only treat Crypto like traditional investments, buy a coin on a big platform and hold, or speculate on price
  • Only use exchanges like traditional websites
  • Only focus on popular coins and avoid new experiments

After crossing over the chasm, we have the Crypto Power Users. They recognize that:

  • Buying and holding the most popular coins does not create more profit than holding Bitcoin/Ethereum
  • It's important to embrace new experiments and applications like Uniswap, DeFi, new chains, etc
  • Not scared of new opportunities, considers each new project based on risk/reward

The only way to identify REAL opportunities, is to get your hands dirty and dive deep into new projects.

By always embracing new experiments and advanced applications, you start to have first hand experience of what problems exist in Crypto, and which platforms are providing real solutions.

When a new chain pops up, the first people to bridge in the network will instantly know its strengths and weaknesses, whether the chain is fast, slow, cheap, expensive, and how easy the user experience is.

This also doesn't mean you have to buy the shiny new "Shitcoins". Maybe after trying 5 new shitty Ethereum killer blockchains, you start to realize that none of the competitors work, and the real applications are only possible on Ethereum. Then you can double down on your thesis of Ethereum, and not fall victim to other Ethereum killers being shilled on social media.

The point is, you have to constantly try new things in Crypto, and become an advanced user.

This opens up potential opportunities to spot rare "gems", while also protecting you from being shilled into "popular narratives" that does not outperform the fundamental growth of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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